As a beginner it’s tricky to find the perfect tutorials to get started with and in this article we’re hoping to help you with this! We are covering beginner tutorials on Sculpting, Lighting in Unreal, ZBrush, Maya, Blender, Animation, Rigging and more.

1. 3D for Beginners – Ultimate Bundle

This ultimate bundle is specifically crafted to provide you with all the cornerstones and essential knowledge you need to build a solid foundation as a 3D artist. You’ll learn to use all the required 3D packages you need to create stunning 3D art, using industry-standard workflow and techniques. You will be guided step by step by professional teachers with years of industry experience.

The bundle contrains intro series for Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Sculpting, Substance Painter, and Substance Designer.

2. Introduction to Substance Painter

In Introduction to Substance Painter, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to get started with Substance Painter. The first part will get your familiar with the commonly used tools, and in the second part, we’ll texture a real-world asset. We also cover essential texture practices, helping you develop a proper workflow you can use to texture anything.

3. Absolute Beginners ZBrush Course

Welcome to Absolute Beginners Zbrush course by SpeedChar. My name is Niko and I am a 3D character artist with over 12 years of experience in the game industry. In this course, I will guide you through all the necessary Zbrush features and menus, to start sculpting your desired characters and bring them to life.

4. Introduction to Blender 2.8

Learn Blender 2.8 in the fastest way possible. In this two-part series, you’ll learn both how Blender works and also how to use it for professional projects.

5. Introduction to Substance Designer

In this series, we will break down these barriers to enable you to quickly get into using Substance Designer and understanding both nodes and physically-based rendering at a greater fundamental level.

6. Become a Material Guru in Blender 2.8x – Cycles

This is a massive course about Materials in Blender. It will guide you from the beginning where you literally know nothing until you reach the top level where people envy your knowledge about materials. The course touches all aspects around Material and has tons of examples that you will be able to use in your daily work even after you have ended the course.

7. Hard Surface Modeling & Texturing for Games | Complete Edition

Learn all the tips and tricks professionals use when they create hard surface models for games. Focusing on both modeling and texturing, you’ll get a proper understanding of how to make assets for games. Everything is done real-time, and you can follow at your own pace – making this series perfect for beginners.

8. Face Rigging for Beginners

In Face Rigging for Beginners, you’ll learn how to create a simple yet fully functional face rig using only joints in Maya – which will also work for real-time and game engines. You’ll be guided through everything in real-time, from the initial joint setup of the face, weight painting to finalizing the rig. Learn how to create the main rig structure, mouth setup, rigging eyes, eyebrows, and more!

9. Introduction to Sculpting

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to sculpt, Introduction to Sculpting will give you the tools you need to become a great artist. With over 14 hours of high-quality training, you will be introduced to concepts that will transform your art. Learn what appeal is, understand gesture, block out your sculpts, sculpt stylized characters, and much more!

10. Maya for Beginners: Complete Guide to 3D Animation in Maya 

You can do your own 3D animations in Autodesk Maya! As the industry standard 3D animation software, learning Autodesk Maya is a great skill to help you land a job in the film, music and gaming industry. In this course, you’ll learn how to create your entire animation from scratch.

Henning Sanden

About the author: I'm the Co-Founder of FlippedNormals. I used to work as a character modeller and texture artist in VFX, having worked on films like Alien Covenant, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Batman V Superman - and more.