When it comes to improving your portfolio, it’s a really good idea to look at the different resources available which can help you improve. If you’re a modeler and you want to make your models look as good as possible, simply drag them into a premade lighting scene. For a texture artist, there’s no reason to make your own grunge maps from scratch – simply get a pack and save tens of hours of work. For concept artists it’s all about the ideas, so using a VDM pack to make quick designs will save you weeks in the long run.

There’s a direct connection between how solid your portfolio is and the likelihood of getting a job – and getting some of the 3D resources listed below can dramatically help you on your way.

1. Character Artist Survival Kit

The Character Artist Survival Kit is carefully crafted to provide you with all the essential resources you need to create stunning art. With a focus on characters and creatures, this kit will dramatically speed up your workflow, and your results. The kit includes 6 of our FlippedNormals Exclusive Resource Packs: Skin Kit, Creature Kit, Eye Kit, Lighting Scenes, Studio HDRIs, and FlippedNormals Fabrics.

2. FlippedNormals Skin Kit

With the FlippedNormals Skin Kit, you can finally create incredible skin in minutes instead of hours. The kit contains everything you need from – pores, scales, leathery skin, and much more. With 40+ hand-crafted maps, you can add skin details to any character or creature. Elevate your characters with the skin kit by adding that extra bit of realism which is so hard to get.

3. Lion Anatomy Tool for Artists

Lion Anatomy Tool for Artists is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to make creatures of any kind in 3D. Nearly all mammals share the same anatomy, from the bone structure to the muscles which make this a perfect companion. You can either use it as a reference when learning anatomy or you can simply bring it into ZBrush where you can sculpt on top of it right away, transforming the lion into any creature or animal you want.

4. FlippedNormals Creature Kit

With over 170 hand-sculpted and carefully crafted VDM brushes, the Creature Kit will satisfy your every creature design need. You can mix and match the brushes together into an unlimited amount of character designs. The FlippedNormals Creature Kit allows you to create stunning designs quicker than ever before. If you’re a concept artist or 3D artist who wants to make creatures faster, this will speed up your work significantly.

5. Basemesh Bundle

Any 3D artist needs a good base mesh and this is a really solid choice. Made by Vincent Menier from Riot Games, this pack contains both a male and a female base mesh, along with a high and low poly. Both base meshes are fully UV mapped and has production-ready topology.

6. FlippedNormals Eye Kit

The FlippedNormals Eye Kit provides you with instant, drag-and-drop, realistic eyes for your characters. The eyes work for both VFX and Games and can be used for everything from extreme close-ups to distant shots.

Get instant, realistic eyes for all your characters and creatures, whether you’re working in film or games.

7. FlippedNormals Lighting Scenes

Lighting can be incredibly hard to get right so we took the guesswork out of the equation. Our solution is one which produces a brilliant render in seconds: You simply drag your model into the scene – ready to be rendered! Available for Blender, Maya (V-Ray and Arnold) and MODO.

8. Digital Grizzly Anatomy Atlas for Muscles Simulation

If you’re interested in working in CFX (creature FX) or general simulation, getting your hands on a ready to use muscle sim model is really hard and this product is exactly what you need. Made by senior creature artist Nicolas Morel, you’ll get an anatomically correct bear model containing 88 separated muscles, along with the skin and skeleton. Perfect for any simulation or anatomy needs.

9. ULTIMATE PACK – 150 Tileable Roughness Maps

If you’re a texture artist, a good set of tileble roughness maps are essential. They will both speed up your work and make it significantly better. This pack works from anything from film to games. 150 Tileable Roughness Maps works with any texturing software, like Mari and Substance Painter.

In reality, perfectly clean surfaces do not exist – Even the cleanest surfaces contain imperfections. Whether it’s subtle scratches from wiping a surface or fingerprints left on a surface from dirty hands. To push more towards realism within the 3D realm, roughness maps help us to add surface imperfection onto 3D surfaces.

10. FlippedNormals Fabrics

These world-class maps will instantly make your clothing and fabrics stand out from the crowd. Simply drag and drop the maps into your favourite 3D software and you’re ready to render. It will work particularly well with ZBrush, Mari and Substance Painter! All maps provided are 1024 x 1024 with RAW exr and PNG files included.

11. 1500 + Female Game Character Turnaround Poses

In this release, Grafit focused on creating a reference pack with poses that would be a to-go choice for game character design artists. The full-rotation view gives you the freedom of exploring more angles and variations of the same pose while keeping it consistent. It can be a great tool for 3D modelers and sculptors as well. It also includes some bonus files from Grafit’s unreleased picture sets.

12. CGSphere Skin Kit Alphas (Full Body)

Includes everything you’d ever need when it comes to skin alphas for characters: Chest Alpha, Back Hand Alpha, Lips Alpha +10, Leg Alpha, Belly Alpha, Skin Pores, Skin Holes, Single Skin Pore, Nose Alpha, Neck Alpha, Female Nipples Alpha, Elbow, and Finger Wrinkles.

13. 150+ Ultimate Cloth Alpha Pack

This is the ultimate cloth pack, which contains more than 150 really high quality alphas, designed specifically for cloth detailing, texturing and sculpting.The pack contains buttons, seamless textures, stitches, wrinkles and more goodies! This pack works incredibly well along with FlippedNormals Fabrics

14. JAWS – 33 Monster Mouths ‘n Skulls & IMM Brush Pack

A great springboard for ideas – quickly spice up 3D sculpting/designing/concepting, or even augment and change existing sculpts. Included is a Zbrush insert mesh brush housing all of the jaws, a Zbrush master file with all the jaws as separate subtools (organised and polygrouped), OBJ and an FBX file. These are untextured high poly sculpts.

15. Ornament Kitbash Vol.1

This is a set of 94 Ornament Kitbash pieces which is also included as an IMM brush for ZBrush. the ornament meshes are modeled to easily be subdivided and work/look well at different subdivision levels and poly counts, all pieces has also been UV unwrapped so you can easily create textures or use tiles over the meshes.

Henning Sanden

About the author: I'm the Co-Founder of FlippedNormals. I used to work as a character modeller and texture artist in VFX, having worked on films like Alien Covenant, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Batman V Superman - and more.