We’re incredibly excited to announce that FlippedNormals will be partnering with Tafi Co, the makers of Daz 3D. Together we’ll be working to empower creatives by knocking down the technical barriers to becoming a successful 3D artist. By combining FlippedNormals’ online education with the powerful and innovative character creation tools in Daz 3D, we are drastically diversifying and expanding our reach to help artists worldwide reach their creative goals.

For Daz 3D artists, we hope that our partnership will open new doors into a bigger world of 3D. We’ll be populating the Daz marketplace with professional industry education to provide a clear learning path for those who wish to broaden their skill set and take their art to a higher level.

For the FlippedNormals Community, we are eager to introduce them to the power of the character creation tools in Daz 3D. The value of this tool can’t be overstated. Starting with a base made in Daz 3D allows artists to focus more on their creative choices and less on the tools. Combine a character made in Daz 3D with broader tools like Blender, ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Maya – and artists can create amazing work, faster than ever before.

Our partnership will start by sharing our FlippedNormals Exclusives with Daz 3D, and Daz 3D sharing their Daz Originals with FlippedNormals. We’ll be populating both companies’ libraries with a broad new range of amazing products, and then expanding from there.

We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

About Daz 3D
Daz 3D is a 3D software and digital marketplace allowing artists to create beautiful images, truly unleashing their creativity. Founded in 2000, Daz 3D’s digital marketplace offers hobbyists and professionals tens of thousands of 3D products. Since its founding, Daz 3D has paid its contributing artists and network nearly $100 million USD.


About the author: I'm the Co-Founder of FlippedNormals. I used to work as a character modeller and texture artist in VFX, having worked on films like Alien Covenant, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Batman V Superman - and more.