Over the weekend we received some criticism regarding a post we made featuring Steve Stahlberg’s work.

Initially we were too quick to try and damage control, and removed the post without having had a proper talk with our team about what we support as a platform. At FlippedNormals, we stand behind our creators and their work, and we will continue to show our support for our artist, both on the marketplace and on our social media. We stand by Steven Stahlberg and every artist who sell on FlippedNormals, and apologise for being too quick to react.

Going forwards, we will do our best to be more mindful regarding sensitive matters, while still standing by our creators. We hope you will continue to support the work we do, and the creators we feature.

Henning & Morten
Co-Founders of FlippedNormals

Henning Sanden

About the author: I'm the Co-Founder of FlippedNormals. I used to work as a character modeller and texture artist in VFX, having worked on films like Alien Covenant, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Batman V Superman - and more.