We are incredibly proud to present the next version of FlippedNormals. Over the last 6 months, we’ve drastically improved our site, making the experience better for everyone. The design has been refined, our branding is stronger and we’ve upgraded our servers and backend.

Without our loyal customers and our world-class creators, we are nothing – and with the new site, we’ve really tried to make everyone’s experience on FlippedNormals better.

Better Checkout & Credit Card Support

We’ve made the checkout experience a lot smoother. You can also now easily pay with credit cards, without going through PayPal. This has been a highly requested addition, so we’re really excited to have full credit card support. 

More Products

We have a lot more products from new and awesome Creators!

Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program is up and running! It’s perfect for influencers and people with a general big following, or for existing Creators who wants to get a higher share of their profits. If you’re a Creator, we highly recommend that you look into the Affiliate Program, as you’re already registered for it.

Front Page Improvement

The front page looks way better – with Featured Products constantly changing to expose you to our best picks.

Advanced Sorting

It’s a lot easier to find what you’re looking for on our Marketplace – with our advanced sorting options.

Messaging System

We have a new Messaging system allowing you to contact our Creators directly on FlippedNormals.

Product Pages

The product pages have been improved significantly, allowing the products to look as good as they deserve.


We are pushing for customers to review the products they buy, to allow other customers to make better choices. Reviews can make a huge difference for a product, so it’s something we’re really excited about.

Additional Improvements

  • The site is a lot faster and more responsive!
  • We’ve refined the process of adding products for Creators (more news to come soon)

Thank you!

The goal of FlippedNormals is to provide highly curated content to customers from around the world, and this is a huge step towards that! To everyone who’s been supporting us so far, we really appreciate it!

– FlippedNormals Team