How to Succeed as a Self-Taught Artist

For many people, going to school to become an artist simply isn’t an issue; it might be too expensive or inaccessible due to location. In this article, we’re covering how you can be successful in the creative industry by being self-taught — without being in debt for life. Everything we talk about here will also be relevant […]

Why I Hate Demo Reels – Gavin Goulden

Why I Hate Demo Reels – Gavin Goulden Let’s get started by clarifying what I mean by “Demo Reel”, as there are certainly exceptions to the case. When I say “Demo Reel” I mean the standard video, about 3 to 5 minutes long, showing the rotating character on a turntable, generally phasing through digital sculpt, […]

The Creative Student’s Handbook – Reels & Portfolios

The most important tool in getting a job in any creative field is your portfolio – whether it’s 3D modelling, logo design or animation: Your showreel and portfolio is king. While degrees and a solid network are important, they are only tools to help your portfolio. In this section, we are going to cover everything you […]

The Creative Student’s Handbook – Schools!

3D Schools – are they worth it? This is the million dollar question everyone is asking. The short answer is annoyingly ambiguous: Maybe. There are so many factors involved whein asking if going to school is the right choice for you. People are vastly different: skill sets, ability to learn, social skills, financial situation; the list […]