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All the content you’ll find on FlippedNormals has been made by the best Creators available today. Our main goal is to bring our customers products of high quality – not quantity.

We help you grow your audience – and to make sure your products are easily discovered by new people every day.

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Please let us know why you want to be a Creator on FlippedNormals. Tell us a bit about yourself, such as your background and what kind of training and resources you want to create. Please link to your portfolio - We'd particularly like to see examples of the work you'd like to sell. Should you have any online tutorials on YouTube on Vimeo, we'd love to see those too. We also welcome Creators who have never sold products before - there's a first time for everything! We are incredibly eager to hear from you - and we'll be in touch shortly!
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A Better Way To Sell

Become a Creator

Open your own store and share your amazing products with the world.

90% Profits

When you sell directly to your customers through your referral link, you keep 90% of the profits. If the customer finds the product through the marketplace, you still keep 60%.

Referral bonuses

Whenever a customer uses your referral link, you get to keep 30% of the profits of the products they buy - no matter if the product is sold by you or another Creator.

The affiliate area
The affiliate area

Being a creator

Use your skills and knowledge to teach and share what you're passionate about with millions of people from around the world. At FlippedNormals, you can now finally focus your energy on creating training and products.

  • Free to use

  • Up to 16 GB per products

  • User friendly

  • Brand your own store



You get to keep 90% of the profits when you sell directly to your customers using our referral program.

  • Easy to share your products

  • Passive income from advertisment

  • Earn more when you do the marketing

The affiliate area
The affiliate area


Share your referral link and you'll get 30% of the profits if the customer buys somebody else's product and 90% if they buy your products.

  • Share your custom referral links

  • Create campaigns and track stats

  • Earn from your own and other Creators products

  • When a referral link is used, the extra 30% is covered by us, not the Creators


Sell all kinds of training – from video tutorials to ebooks. You can go as broad or as specific as you want – and create courses for all skill levels. Regardless of what kind of training you want to provide, FlippedNormals will be right for you.


The kind kind of Resources you can make are endless! Good resources will help people of all skill levels get their work done faster and more efficiently. 3D models, Photoshop Brushes, Substance Materials, HDRIs, Kitbashing – and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ or Help Section to learn more about being a Creator on FlippedNormals. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also click the pink bubble in the bottom right corner.

Who can become a creator?

Anyone who’s interested in selling on FlippedNormals can apply to become a Creator. The only requirement is that your products are of high quality and that they are well presented.

Can I sell free products?

Yes! This is a great way of giving out samples of your work, or to share your products with the world if you’re feeling generous.

The referral scheme sounds interesting! Please tell me more.

The Referral Program a fairly unique feature found on FlippedNormals.

If somebody buys your product by finding it on FlippedNormals, you get 60% of the sale. However, if you provide the customer with a referral code, you get a whopping 90%*. The split is now 90/10 in your favour. This means that you can now do your own marketing where you encourage the customers to use your link.

Not only do you get 90% of your own sales, you get 30%* percent of ANY sales done on FlippedNormals. This is where it gets fun! If somebody uses your referral link to go to FlippedNormals, but ultimately doesn’t buy your product but buys somebody else’s product, you now get a very comfortable 30%* of that sale. You will literally make money from a customer buying somebody else’s product.

This gives you a really good incentive to share your referral link.

*credit card fees apply.

You can read more about the referral program here

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