187 Photos of Hillside Slums

Squatter slums that grew one street across the affluent business district of Manila and supply the rich area with a cheap labor force for menial work.

In this photo pack, you can see the various types of makeshift construction used to build up this area. 

And as very common to any slum in Phillippines, they always have a basketball court that also acts as the public square for locals.

Extra photos of the location were shot from a nearby rooftop creating almost drone-like footage for day and night.

Included: 187 photos (2107 MB)
Quality: 6000 x 4000
Equipment: Sony A7C, 24-240mm
Location: Manila, Philippines
Content Type: Commercial (refer to this guide on how you can use such material)

Reference pack by atenitsky, Fotoref.com.


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