19th Century Rifle Game Ready

19th Century Rifle Game Ready

  • Game Ready
    19th Century Rifle Model ready for VR/AR and games or other applications.
  • 4K PBR Textures Included
    – Non Overlapping UV Layout Map
    – Resolution: up to 4096x4096px
    – PBR Workflow: Base color, Metallic, Normal, Roughness, AO
    – Textures Unreal Engine 4
    – Textures Unity 5  (Standard Metallic)
    – Plus Textures Unity HD Render Pipeline
  • Topology
    Verts: 77042 | Faces: 153328 | Triangles: 153328
  • Include LODs

LOD_00: Vertices 77042 – Faces 153328 – Triangles 153328

LOD_01: Vertices 26995 – Faces 31408 – Triangles 45997

LOD_02: Vertices 5296 – Faces 3960 – Triangles 4599

A Level of Detail model (LOD) is a lower-resolution version of a game model. The lower-res version is used to improve performance by being swapped in whenever the higher-resolution of the game model is not apparent anymore, for example when it is a certain distance from the player. Usually LODs have a lower vertex count (50% or so) and simpler shader (diffuse only, for example).

LOD0 is the highest level of detail, your original model. Zero is always the highest because the number of LODs is unknown, so if you need more LODs you can just increment the number.

LOD1 is sometimes done by hand, especially for rigged organics (creatures, people, etc.). A lot of game developers automate LOD2, LOD3, LOD4, etc. with automatic Decimation tools.  References: http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/LevelOfDetail

  • Files format included.blend



    Scale units meters in Blender in real world dimension. Made and rendering in Blender v2.92 with Cycles.

  • Compatible with Unity and Unreal 

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