3D Character Creation for Animation in Blender & Substance Painter

In this course I will teach you the complete process that I used to create a full character for animation. You will learn the entire process as I will explain everything that I did. The vast majority of the videos are in real time or with very little timelapsing for the repetitive parts.


Basic knowledge of the Blender and Substance Painter UI.


References for creating our character
Sculpt of head and body
Retopology of the body
Retopoloy of the head
Clothes creation
Accessory modeling
Interior mouth modeling
Uvs of all the character
Substance painter preparation
Bake and texturing in substance painter
Hair creation for the clothes using particle system
Hair creation for the character using particle system of blender
Simple rigging with rigify to pose our character
Facial expression using the sculpt mode
Creation of ilumination setup and render


Creation of polygonal hair using curves
Real time video without voice of the creation of skateboard


Language: English with voice-over
Video Count: 60 videos

External addons


  • Quadremesher (30 days free)
  • Autoeye by Lucas Falcao
  • Eyesbrows by Bazar Noschenko
  • Texel Density (free)
  • RetopoFlow (you can find a beta version in github)

Substance Painter

  • Substance Painter live link by Xolotl Studio
  • Stitches Sool for Substance Painter by Johny Banana


  • This is not a personalized mentoring
  • My english is not fluent but you will understand everything I do

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