Antique Furniture Tutorial – Complete Gaming Pipeline – No Audio

Antique Furniture Tutorial – Complete Gaming Pipeline – No Audio

This tutorial is not narrated


⦁ 16 HD video in MP4 format
⦁ Final high-poly (Ztl)
⦁ Final low-poly ( Maya, Fbx & Obj )
⦁ 4096*4096 textures
⦁ All alpha that use in Zbrush
⦁ Final Substance file


Hello guys, Do you want to start your career as a 3D artist in the video game industry? This tutorial gives you complete knowledge of the gaming pipeline and helps you understand apply all aspects of creating high-quality PBR assets!
In this tutorial you will learn sculpting, low poly modeling with topology, unwrap, layout, bake, PBR texture and render current generation video game standards.


In this tutorial for sculpting, I use Pixologic Zbrush. you will learn all the techniques to create a high detail sculpt easily.
I will show you the beginning of this tutorial on how to attempt a detail sculpt from scratch to end. No blocking use in any 3d application all sculpt done in Zbrush.

Mostly topics and tools covered by sculpting techniques that will enhance your sculpt to a greater level.
You will learn different techniques for hard-surface modeling like Zmodeler brush, Trim Dynamic brush, Radial Symmetry, Use of Dynamesh and Zremesher, Masking, Surface Noise, Edgeloop, Modify topology and use your alpha texture.


After complete Sculpting, we decimate all parts of asset and move into Maya. We create Low poly modeling in Maya using topology technique.
After the Low – Poly modeling process, we will jump straight into creating UV coordinates for the asset and focus on the importance of an optimized UV-Layout to get the highest texel density possible.
When we are done our layout we will bake our asset in Marmoset and Xnormal. You will learn how to create perfect bakes and how to create all the maps needed for the final asset.

Substance Painter

Right after, you will learn how to make an ultra-realistic texture for the asset.
You will learn how to create wood materials from scratch and use procedural textures, masks, and generators to adjust wood base, dust, wear and tear with the minimum layer.
On our asset resulting in a photorealistic appearance. You will also get to know the latest tools that Substance Painter currently.

Recommended software to follow this tutorial

  • Maya 2019
  • Substance Painter 2019
  • Pixologic Zbrush 2019
  • Marmoset Toolbag
  • Xnormal

Instructor Biography

Hello guys! I’m Jeetendra Sharma – 3d environment artist, currently working as a freelancer. I started my career in video games at Lakshya Digital Pvt. Ltd. where I contributed to Kingdom Heart 2.8.
After that, I joined Sumo Video Games where I worked on Hitman. I`ve been working in the industry for over 5 years and enjoy creating tutorials where I share all my tips and techniques that I have picked up throughout the years.
Let me help you to avoid making mistakes and let me give you the latest techniques, workflows, and knowledge for game ready AAA 3D art creation. I`m looking forward to seeing you in the tutorial!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any query related this product. Thanks

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    Complety without Commentary, didnt learn anything from it. Kinda a rip off.

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