Camo Generator

Camo Generator “sbsar” 

  1. Get “CamoGenerator”.                                   
  2. Download “substance player” or drag in “Substance Painter” or “cinema4D” or…
  3. Generate infinite camouflage textures.


Camo Set:

There are 15 different Sets for making camouflage, each of which often consists of three patterns. There are the following controllers for each pattern:

  • Scale Pattern” Scale of the pattern.
  • Range of pattern” Control pattern border.
  • Variation Pattern” More than 1000 types.
  • Color Pattern” Color of the pattern.
  • Opacity Pattern” Opacity of pattern.
  • Detail Amount” The number of details or breakage or fine grains.



make “Pixelation” Item “True” and Get a Pixelized version of your camouflage.

The number and size of pixels are set by “pixel Amount”.


Fabric Alpha:

CamoGenerator also contains 10 different Fabric Alpha that you can try on different alpha for each Camo Set.


  • “AO intensity” The effectiveness of AmbientOcclusion.
  • “AO Height Depth” and “AO Radius” control height and radius of AmbientOcclusion.
  • “Alpha Intensity” control normal intensity.
  • “Alpha Rotation” Rotate alpha pattern.
  • “Fabric Alpha Scale” Scale of the alpha pattern.

Finally, I created small wrinkles to give the fabric a sense of realism that you can control the number and intensity of wrinkles. Or you can delete them if you do not want to.

Parameters “Height Detail Intensity” and “Height Detail Number” control the intensity and number of small wrinkles that are applied to NormalMap.

Parameters “Wrinkles Intensity” and “Wrinkles Number” control the intensity and number of larger wrinkles that are applied to HeightMap.


  • No Textures -You can export texture for rendering engines such as v-ray redshift arnold and etc.


SBSAR files can be used directly inside programs like Substance PainterUnreal Engine4Maya3DSMax, or Cinema4D. Inside these programs, you can change the texture parameters without the need to export all the maps. Also, you can export maps up to 8K resolution.


If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.

enjoy it 🙂

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