Enterable Medieval House Cottage Cabin Hut Village Collection


Whats included?

  • 10 enterable houses + bonus
  • 5 doors (can be used also as window shutters)
  • 3 ladders

You were probably scrolling through marketplace searching for high quality generic cottages for your fantasy rpg game.

Perhaps the products you came across did not meet your expectations due to non-cutting edge quality, inability to explore the interior or little customization possibilities. You are putting your blood, sweat and tears into your project so you need better stuff.

Look no further!

We have prepared 10 generic huts for you that can be successfully used in AAA quality production.

ALL materials are tiled/seamless, so you can apply any of your own (or quixel) tiled materials to get unique result.

The models start at highpoly so that the close-up shots are high definition. But calm down! With 5-6 LOD’s for each object, the models are perfectly optimized for your game.

I know you want to add this collection to the cart already (go for it), but here are some more informations:

  • ONLY seamless and tileable textures so you can easily apply your own texture to get your own design and looks.
  • All models are LOD-ed (highpoly-to very-lowpoly)
  • Buildings are fully ENTERABLE for your game characters.
  • Inside the buildings looks neat aswell and are empty(no furniture and decorations), waiting for you to add your props.
  • Pivots for buildings are set correctly, so you dont need to worry about anything with rotation or scaling.
  • Extremely easy to set up.
  • We decided to stay with generic, basic look with no sophisticated details, because we think that you can detail it best with your own idea.
  • No hidden mess inside the meshes. Every part is neat and polished.
  • Clean wireframe.
  • Perfect for rpg/strategy fantasy and other medieval games.
  • No visible repetitions of texture pattern or mirror effect.


Thats amazing right?


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