Hair & Fur Brushset – Demo (photoshop)


This package contains 10 brushes released in my Hair & Fur Premium collection for Photoshop. This gives you the ability to try them out and see if they fit your needs.

These can be used with the Brush, Mixer, Eraser, or Smudge Tool. I recommend using all of them in combination depending on your needs.

Premium Version

If you decide that you like these brushes and wish to get the Premium version; you may do so with one of the links below. My premium collection includes all 10 brushes in this demo, as well as a total of 120+ unique brushes. You will also receive the PSD (1000×1000) source file for every brush.

My Work

I offer both paid and free brushes. I try to release free brushes as much as possible so that I can help artists who are starting out and may be tight on resources. However, from time to time I release premium brushes which may be for sale. I attempt to make my prices as affordable as possible based on the amount of work I’ve put into them. If you appreciate my work, please feel free to support me and I will try to release regular content for you to try.

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