Hard Surface Modeling & Texturing for Games | Complete Edition

Hard Surface Modeling & Texturing for Games | Complete Edition

Learn all the tips and tricks professionals use when they create hard surface models for games. We’ll be focusing on designing and modeling a hovercraft, taking into account gameplay and cinematic needs. We will cover traditional High Poly to Low Poly workflow, and what to model.

Next, we will create the best UV’s possible, and refine the model until perfectly functional for games and cinematics. Moving on to texturing, we will be focusing on telling a story with our work. Textures should be able to tell the player the age of an object, what environment it inhabits, and what world it is from. We will also learn how to make the best bakes possible using ID maps, creating Smart Materials, using emissive channels, etc.


Hard Surface Modeling & Texturing for Games | Complete Edition gives you access to 2 FlippedNormals Exclusives:


Learn professional Modeling and UV techniques in Maya. We will not only focus on the workflow, but also on the thought process behind the decisions that go into making a AAA hovercraft for games.


We will start by preparing our meshes for the best bake possible and learn how to get the most of our baked maps. We will spend the remaining time texturing in Substance using production proven workflows and many tricks I have learned along the way working at AAA studios. In the end, we will present our hovercraft in UE4 using all of our textures from Substance. We will cover the basics of Unreal to showcase our asset.


Everything is covered step by step over 21.5 hours of real time narrated videos. There are no timelapses. You will get to see how and why certain things are modeled the way they are, and how you can tell a story with your textures while learning to use Substance Painter like a pro. All the hotkeys, tricks, shortcuts, every single step to make this vehicle will be covered.


This tutorial is great for students and artists who are just starting out and want to know everything about hard surface modeling and texturing for games. It is easy to follow for newcomers as it covers all the basics before slowly ramping up to more complicated techniques.


David Saiz is a CoFounder and Studio Director of Paloma Studios. He has many years of experience working on videogames, television, commercials, attractions, and Virtual Reality experiences. David has worked in numerous studios in California such as Sony Online Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Wevr and film, and commercial studios such as Rhythm & Hues, Halon Entertainment among others. He is an experienced Technical Lead, as well as an artist. He has worked on projects such as Overwatch (promotional statues), The Sims 3, Planetside 2, Mass Effect New Earth (Ride), Disney Infinity, and Serpent’s Saga.


  • Autodesk Maya 2018
  • Substance Painter
  • Unreal Engine 4


Part 1 – Hard Surface Modeling for Games

01 – The Importance of Reference
02 – Maya Scene Setup
03 – Final Output Concerns
04 – Blocking BackArea
05 – Blocking Seat
06 – Blocking Front
07 – Blocking Posing Human
08 – Blocking Front Thickness
09 – Blocking Pedals Functionality
10 – Blocking Final Proportions Adjustment
11 – Blocking Cockpit Details
12 – Blocking Cockpit Details 2
13 – Blocking Back
14 – High to Low Poly Baking Explanation
15 – Defining Amount of Detail in High Poly
16 – Modeling Tail
17 – Modeling Tail Rotating Mechanism
18 – Modeling Back Wings Rotating Mechanism
19 – Modeling Back Turbine
20 – Modeling Front Wings
21 – Modeling Front Windshield
22 – Modeling Rest of Chassis
23 – Modeling Support Elements
24 – Modeling Under Structure
25 – Modeling Dashboard
26 – Modeling Seat
27 – Modeling Handles
28 – Modeling FinalDetails
29 – Uvs Intro Explanation
30 – Uvs Front Preserve Uvs
31 – Uvs Front Select Backfacing
32 – Uvs Front Wings Glass
33 – Uvs Turbine
34 – Uvs Back
35 – Uvs Back Transfer Attributes
36 – Uvs Seat
37 – Uvs Dashboard
38 – Uvs Under Structure
39 – Uvs Mirror
40 – Uvs Layout
41 – Conclusion

Part 2 – Hard Surface Texturing for Games

01 – Intro Recap
02 – PBR Explanation Substance Maps
03 – ID Map SkewedNormalMaps
04 – ID Map MayaSetup
05 – Skew Setup and Baking Settings 01
06 – Baking Setting
07 – Final Baking Settings
08 – PBR Instantiate Layers
09 – First Material 01
10 – First Material 02
11 – First Pass Material Details
12 – First Pass AlI Materials
13 – Decals 01
14 – Decals 02
15 – Decals parts
16 – Decals peeled away
17 – Decals Lettering
18 – Decals Logos
19 – Damage Impact
20 – Dashboard Panels
21 – Dashboard Buttons
22 – Dashboard Screen
23 – Dashboard Screen Details
24 – Dashboard Handles
25 – Cannister
26 – Dirt
27 – Glass impact
28 – InnerParts
29 – Emmisive
30 – FrontGrill
31 – LeatherSeat wear
32 – Shoes mud
33 – Exporting Textures
34 – Unreal Materials
35 – Unreal Emissive
36 – Conclusions


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  • Great Bundle, Very effective.

    This course is very good. The author explains everything that he does and why.
    The bundle covers a lot of information and if you follow through, you will end up with a very professional Pbr game ready asset.

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