Mini Revolver Hardsurface Zbrush Modeling Tutorial

This product is the first part of the ZBrush modeling video process, and in the first part, we decide to have a Hard-surface model! Zbrush has a great set of features for modeling, and you can use them without any worries about topology problems. So let’s start this journey in Zbrush and enjoy modeling Hard-surface Models!

We use one of the excellent works from Yaroslav K.


  • 340 minutes of unnarrated videos
  • 1080 Resolution


For this process, we have considered three parts!

Part 1: To have accurate modeling, we must first proceed to the block-out stage well and carefully so that our proportions are good! Checking overall form and silhouette is an important key here.

Part 2: After the block-out phase, we work on each part of the model separately. And we are trying to get similar as possible to our reference! in this stage, each piece of the model should have a final look at the end.

Part 3: In this part, we went 90% of the modeling path, and now it is the turn of detail, and this step is as important as the previous steps! The final model’s beauty is in the details that we add to our model here!

Some of the techniques used in this tutorial

  •  Reference Grid
  •  Poly Modeling with ZModeler
  •  Clip Curve and Knife Cut
  •  ZRemesher
  •  Mirror and Weld
  •  Hard Surface Sculpting
  •  Smoothing
  •  External Brushes
  •  Dynamic Subdivision
  •  Boolean and Live Boolean
  • Alphas
  • IMM Brushes
  • Array Mesh

Software Used

  • Pixologic Zbrush 2022


  • Intermediate


Basic knowledge of Zbrush ( how to navigate and work with primary functions in Zbrush )


Attention: the final model doesn’t include this product.

Attention: There is a Project File that includes the links to items used in the tutorial and a reference zip file that includes references.

Attention: all videos are unnarrated (it means there are no voice-over videos or subtitles)

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