Photogrammetry – Reconstructing Images Into 3D Objects

Learn Photogrammetry

The goal of this photogrammetry tutorial is to really teach you everything I know about it. It’s an incredibly interesting field which can really revolutionize the way you work – plus it’s a lot of fun!

This tutorial aims to teach you general theory, tips and tricks, troubleshooting and to get you ready to start playing around with photogrammetry. You’ll learn everything you need in order to get started with photoscanning.

Real world examples

I do my best to give you a guideline on how to shoot more successfully and produce more successful scans. I’ve included lots of images of real world examples of objects. These images are included to help guide you with the process.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial – and good luck with your photogrammetry journey! Keep in mind that this is a written tutorial and not recorded video. I felt like this format worked best for what I was trying to explain. New videos and new techniques can be added in the future. Enjoy!

Software Used

We’ll be using Autodesk ReCap as the main tool, rebranded from Autodesk Remake – but you can really use any photogrammetry tool such as Reality Capture and Agisoft Photoscan. Photogrammetry is far more about shooting images than about specific software settings.

More Photogrammetry

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