Photorealistic Eye

Zip file is composed of

  • “.ma” file with the Eye, complete with Arnold Materials. (PhotorealisticEye ->Scene)
  • Texture Folder with : 5 Different Iris Color Textures, Sclera Textures, PupilRim  (PhotorealisticEye -> sourceimages)
  • Obj and Zbrush File (PhotorealisticEye -> Scene -> Elements)

In Maya File you will find

  • EyeGRP : Sclera, Iris, Pupil Rim Meshes
  • Eye_Controller, to activate BlendShapes
  • BlendShapes Meshes

Sclera AiStandardSurface material consists in a MixShader with Cornea Material and a Procedural 3D Mask in order to leave to the User the ability to modify Intensity and Scale and move the 3D Texture Controller (‘place3dTexture1’) on the top of the eye mesh.

Iris AiStandardSurface consists only in Textures connected to Material Master, so you can change Iris color by just replacing the baseColor Texture.

How To use Pupil Dilatation

Once you have opened your file, you can easily modify the Pupil Dilatation of the Eye with using the Eye Controller you will find in the Scene.

This Controller has a Custom Attribute called “Eye_BlendShape” with values ranging from -1 to 1.

  • Pupil Dilation = 1
  • Pupil Contraction = -1


Use mid values to get the best result

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