Photorealistic Glove


The Photorealistic Glove provides you a Ready to Use Glove model and textures in order to get Photorealistic results in Seconds!

Just import it in your scene and it’s ready for render.


Maya Files Directory with “” file composed of

  • Glove Low Poly
  • Glove Mid Poly

Textures Directory

  • Glove Textures in .PNG
  • Glove Textures in .EXR

Resources Directory

  • “Source from Scan” directory with .OBJ files
  • Source Texture from Scan
  • Source Texture from Baking

Zbrush Files Directory

  • “Glove_Zbrush_Source.zpr”

In this file you will find all the meshes used during the Scan CleanUp and also the Retopologized Mesh with ZRemesher so you can easily export and Manually Retopologize it or you can use ZRemesh in order to obtain different results.

Wrap Files  Directory

  • “Gloves_Color_Bake.wrap” used for Base Color texture Baking from Scan
  • “Source_Files” directory with all the files used in Wrap4D

Photoshop File Directory

  • Source Photoshop file used to cleanup baked texture from Scan

Photorealistic Glove was rendered with Arnold using  Arnold Materials but If you want to use it in a different software, you can easily create a material and use the Textures provided.

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