Samurai Kit – Armor Plates

Finally, the plate set! Varieties of plates to choose from. Each generic shoulder plate type has a co-responding thigh plate. Meshes are creased as usual for extensive custom sculpting on top. Super fast results within 1 to 2 hours when used in conjunction with the threads and rivets!

Start thinking about what to design and stop thinking about how to design it!


  • Curve Single Plate Generic is really fast and applicable to all types of armor shapes. However, you may run into situations where the mesh orientation is upside down (especially front and back). WORKAROUND: Flipping the faces of your proxy mesh through display properties. This will allow a mesh placement in the proper orientation. You can then push the mesh out to the surface as it will be drawn on the inner side of the mesh.
  • I have inquired Pixologic for a solution regarding the curve starting point to better dictate the orientation
  • Thigh plates are corresponding to the shoulder plates and curved plates. They are longer in length in case you find the generic plates not covering enough area.

Thanks for all your support and I hope this kit helps increase your efficiency!

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