Set of Arctostaphylos Trees (Manzanita) (2 Trees)

2 different Arctostaphylos trees in the scene. Manzanita is a common name for many species of the genus Arctostaphylos. They are evergreen shrubs or small trees present in the chaparral biome of western North America, where they occur from Southern British Columbia and Washington to Texas in the United States, and throughout Mexico. Arctostaphylos tree is an multi-branched, treelike hybrid shrub with glossy, light green foliage and grows up to 15 feet, one of the biggest of the big manzanitas. It is more garden tolerant, ie it can handle some summer water and a richer soil, than Arctostaphylos glauca, its southern counterpart. Manzanitas can live in places with poor soil and little water. They are characterized by smooth orange or red bark and stiff, twisting branches. Polygons (Total number of 2 trees): 1,959,231 Verts (Total number of 2 trees): 1,593,721 Arctostaphylos1: 2/5 m Arctostaphylos2: 2/25 m In the archive: 3ds max (V-ray-2014), FBX and … * Features: – Optimized for Distant and Closeup Views – Clean Topology – Unwrapped Overlapping – Real-World Scale – Transformed into zero – Objects Named – Materials Named – Units: Centimeters Have a good one!

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