Solar System Asset Pack


Created with and for use within Blender

2.93 Version used

If you require detailed models of the Planets that are in our own Solar System then look no further!

Each Planet comes with its own fully customisable Atmosphere and Surface Colour using the simple Node setups for each,……. basically they can be any colour you choose, so its easy to get creative if you wish to create your own unique worlds!


9 Planets:







URANUS (With rings,……..yes it has them too!)


PLUTO (I know its not a Planet any longer but its included anyway!)

Also included:



The HDRI used for the renders is packed within the file

Backgrounds used are not included

All images were rendered with Cycles

All Modifiers closed

No loose or double vertices

Scale and Rotation applied

Will not work with EEVEE (as far as i know!)

All objects named accordingly in the Outliner

Polycount for the whole combined package:

V: 226,092
F: 451,328
T: 452,096

Each Planet comes with its own layer of customisable `Atmosphere`, the colour, coverage and density can be adjusted easily within the nodes. The only Planets to have no Atmosphere are Mercury, (which has a exosphere) and Pluto but I have included an Atmosphere for them anyway so you can create your own if you wish to do so.

There are many different types of `Cloud` Atmospheres throughout the Solar System made up of various elements (Clouds are not always water!),……in basic, their types are: EARTH – Water, VENUS – Sulfuric Acid, JUPITER – Hydrogen, NEPTUNE – Ammonia & Methane, SATURN – Water & Ammonia, MARS – Carbon Dioxide/Water, URANUS – Ammonia & Hydrogen

Mercury & Pluto do not have Atmospheres, but i have included them anyway if you wish to have one.


Using the nodes assigned to the models you can easily edit each Planet to your liking

Although the Planets within this pack are set to look like our own Planets you can easily custom create your own, just alter the values within the nodes and see what happens! ……just don’t forget to make a back up of the original files first before you save 🙂

Scale is impossible to replicate (as for example the sun…….lets just say its MASSIVE! therefore these models are `not to scale` but can be easily scaled to suit your project.

Thanks for your interest & support!



How To Import These Models Into Blender/ your Blender Scene:

Unzip “Solar_System_Asset_Pack.7z” and save to your desired location

Open: Solar_System_Asset_Pack.blend

If you wish to Append any Planet into your project:

1.Open Blender
2.Go to File…….., select Append, find where you saved the extracted Solar_System_Asset_Pack file and open whichever (Object) Planet you require, select Append from Library.

The Planets and their Cloud Atmospheres are two separate easily editable Materials

All textures/images and associated files are included within the Blender file

If you wish to experiment and create your own Planet then its easy – just adjust the RGB Curves and Multiply Nodes to different values

Please note: This pack is intended for use within Blender

This is a .Blend file

Have a nice day and thank you again for your interest!


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