Steampunk Pipes

3D modular kit of pipes. This kitbash includes 20 elements ready to be assembled for your 3D scene. All pipes are based on a 0,5 m reference grid and can easily assembled by moving by this increment. The modular assets includes basics as linear pipes, 90° elbows, 180° elbows cross joint and tee joints. Some specifics modules are available too as valves, manometer or plug.

This modular game-asset will embellish you scene and add more details which can help the gameplay and the game-design.

The material of models is unique and ready for PBR.

Low-poly model & Blender native 2.81


  • Objects : 21
  • Polygons : 7220
  • Subdivision ready : Yes
  • Render engine : Eevee (Cycles ready)


  • LODs : No
  • Collider : No


  • FBX
  • Collada
  • OBJ
  • GLTF


  • Materials in scene : 1
  • Textures sizes : 4K
  • Textures types : Diffuse, Metallic, Roughness, Normal (DirectX & OpenGL), Opacity, Heigh and AO
  • Textures format : PNG


  • Real scale : Yes
  • Scene objects are organized by groups


File formats do not include textures. All textures are in a specific folder named ‘Textures’

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