Tea Jar – Game Ready

A high quality tea jar made to real-world scale; measuring 13.6 cm in diameter and roughly 27.4 cm in height. Jar inside depth is around 11 cm.

Features & Information:

  • 4 objects. Jar body, handle, lid, tea.
  • Built around a 64 vertex circle for the best shape and no jagged edges. The inside is more optimized and comes down to a 32 vertex ring.
  • Almost everything is baked down to the textures for the best performance.
  • Proper handle pivot for easy placement and rotation.
  • Tea mesh can be placed high or low to show if the jar is full or empty.
  • Lid and the jar body fit perfectly.
  • Vert count is 4,699 & tris count is 9,232.

Included Files:

  • Tea Jar model in FBX and OBJ format.
  • 2K & 4K PBR MetalRough texture set.
  • 2K & 4K PBR texture set for Unity 5 (Standard Metallic).
  • 2K & 4K PBR texture set for Unreal Engine 4 (Packed).

If you would like textures in a smaller or higher resolution or in another config please contact me.

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