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I find UV mapping works well so long as we don’t consider Blender’s single threaded performance for most of the tools.  (cough, cough, Epic mega grant)

For hard-surface models with clean topology, performance isn’t an issue so long as model components are separate objects.

Here’s a video showing how seamless(pun) this process can be.

Live unwrap is activated and the ‘Mark Seams’ tool is loaded into ‘Quick Favorites’.


This next video shows the ‘Pick Shortest Path’ tool that is using the ‘Tag Seams’ option and live unwrap.  The model is a messy ‘Dynatopo’ sculpt and things still progress rapidly.  It took about 3 minutes to get a usable unwrap.

Most of the time was spent either thinking or waiting for Blender to think.  The single-threaded problem really shows in this example.  (cough, cough, Epic mega grant)
My i7 6820HK @2.7Ghz can’t keep up with unwrapping ~20000 verts.  I think it’s the packing algorithm that’s causing the lag.  It would be nice to have the option of a weak packing algorithm to choose so we can get good response times from ‘Live Unwrap’.  Then we could switch to the better algorithm once the unwrap is finished.


Here’s a helpful video made by Aidy Burrows.  A couple of the shortcuts no longer work with 2.8 but the tools are the same and they’re listed in the menu.