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I should have emphasized in my comment that I’m coming from a Game Dev perspective. Which (in my experience) uses very little to no open source software. Other than sublime Personally I don’t think that open source is a liability, but the upper management and above may think that. Could that be down to lack of knowledge on their part? Possibly, but I think more likely that the idea of taking something that’s “tried and true” and has active support and swapping to something “new” that would take RND time and money to get everyone back up to speed would be a difficult pitch the board of directors. Also as mentioned in the article it would cost a lot to train up artists on new software, which I reckon would be most of not all of their artists. Most of the artists I know either know: Max, Maya or both, hardly anyone knows blender as they have never had to learn it professionally.

I doubt that if a studio were to adopt and make changes to it that they wouls push it up stream for the benifit of others. The game industry like to keep their cards close to their chest when it come to in house tech and processes. The VFX industry may play ball a little nicer 😂