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– Frame mesh without comma key on num pad. You really shouldnt have to move your hand to frame the mesh. This is one of the top 5 hotkeys I use the most.

You can add that to the ‘Quick Favorites’ menu then press ‘q’ to access the list of favorite tools.

Here’s how.


Hey thanks for the recommendation on hide and unhide Instead of isolate and Ill watch the UV video later but from what I read it sounds a lot better then what I was doing.

Though I personally don’t think that adding frame mesh to the favourites menu is really a good solution, frame mesh should be rapid and instantly and help you get along with your project, moving your hand across the keyboard sucks but so would having to find it in a list, maybe it seems petty when it’s like 2 seconds extra work but I’m sure you understand.

Personally I’ve already remapped most of my blender so I don’t have this issue I’m just trying to see it from Hennings side 🙂