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In terms of Blender becoming industry standard, there are a lot of misconceptions made about blender and its difficulty to learn. The software is by no means difficult to use (IMO), Its intuitive and works well at keeping you focused on what you’re working on rather than relying on UX to solve your problems. Pre 2.7, I agree with many the user interface was lacking however it limited the number of tabs on a screen and reduced the amount tedious mouse working you’d generally find in software like Maya. On the support side, the support is phenomenal and you can 90% of the time expect a developer to respond to your problem immediately, and there’s also the added benefit of you the consumer being able to fix the problem yourself being that the software is open source. Now I understand that many pipelines have been made already with Maya, Max and Zbrush, however this shouldn’t discourage studios from attempting to use different tools because at the end of the day blender is a free software that can save studios money on paid software while maintaining the same functionality. I remember when i was first getting into 3D modeling I had a teacher who taught us how to use 3DS Max however he was a stickler for the industry standard getting upset when I recommended using blender, now some of you might think it wasnt my place to say something like that because its apart of the school curriculum however it just shows how ignorant people can be when deciding to move forward.

Personal Point: I get really annoyed when I see people constantly saying “why would I update when this works perfectly”