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For now I can only think of one other thing that will help with rapidly zooming-in on pieces.  By pressing ‘shift+b’ and drawing out a box by clicking and dragging, you will zoom into the area drawn out by the box.  The size of the box determines how close you zoom in, the code isn’t perfect since it zooms in too close so you do have to draw a bigger box.  Pressing ‘shift+c’  zooms you back out again.
There’s a scene-pivot setting under ‘Edit->Preferences->Navigation->Orbit Around Selection’ that will allow you to use this technique more effectively since you can rapidly zoom in and then set the view’s rotational pivot point by selecting what you want the view to orbit around.


I made a quick video to show how that works.  So far as that goes with the box-zoom zooming-in too far, that can be fixed if you pester the right developer and make a decent case that the area which is framed should zoom to match the view dimensions.  If you frame a model then that model should zoom-in to fit the viewport.

-Dalai Felinto  ——- @dfelinto is active on Twitter.  He can point you to the right person if he’s too busy to do it himself.

-Mike Erwin ———[email protected]

-Julian Eisel ——— @Severin_b3d

-Sybren A. Stüvel —- @sastuvel

-Wil  Wheaton ——- @wilw