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The VFX industry is a nightmare! 🙂

But there is a strong history of studios open-sourcing their work. Much of that might also trickle down to game studios (though I do not know as much about that).

Examples are:

Alembic file format, USD file format, EXR’s, VDB’s and so on. These are just file formats, but our studio also gave time for one of our developers to work on cycles. We don’t use Blender (I am only dabbling in it at the moment, and I am nearly the only one) and are extremely unlikely to use cycles, but the developer was interested and the studio was interested in what it might lead to. I think there is a rich history of open source projects being backed by studios, including returning their code upstream.  It is kind of in our best interests. Nothing that we can come up with is going to be such a competitive advantage that we couldn’t release parts of it. Our strengths come from artists and institutional knowledge. The tech we use, with some exceptions, will be replicated industry wide in short order (if we aren’t replicating someone else’s). When we all release some work that is beneficial to others, everyone benefits. And this isn’t just pie in the sky. That is the reason why Pixar released USD and the code associated with it. They will actually benefit as other tools incorporate this standard and then they wind up with a more streamlined workflow.