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Nate Ayling

The Blockout

So as I said above the scene was pretty straight forward to begin with. I blocked out in UE4 creating the terrain relief I wanted to achieve then followed by some place holder materials (water and a basic sand material) and some blockout foliage (in this case the UE4 starter contetn bush big time scaled up) I used BSP shapes to create the rough scale of the hut and used a 75x75x180 block to give everything a decent scale reference.


I will need to straighten the beach line slightly to really achieve a decent copy of the reference.

My next big task is going to be to create my landscape material. for this I will want:

– 2 types of sand to blend between using world space texturing

– Sand with rubbish on top (fallen palm fronds and general drift wood)

– Wet Sand for the coast line (I will probably adjust an instance of the dry sand to do this adjusting the roughness and albedo channels.

– Grass material to blend into further up the beach

Its early days yet, as in its only day 1, but I feel like I am already making decent headway. As always feedback and critique are appreciated as I go and I look forward to checking out everyone’s work.