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While accept blender has some way to go, I disagree with many of the complaints based on a couple of things worth mentioning.


Learn blender before you make assumptions about what is seemingly missing or difficult. Many of the complaints are already there but your are treating blender as an extension of other software you have used, yet you know such software has its own way of doing things.

Secondly it’s highly customisable so learn how to instead of expecting it to be done, then post that customization back to the developers or community for all to test and or adopt as extras.

What your are doing by this is helping yourself be more attuned to blenders abilities and helping others, but please ask the community seek out tutorials and share, just because your not familiar with how or where in blender is not necessarily missing, awkward or broken, but yes by all means suggest if you cannot actually discover it. I’ve seen many people say can’t do this or its awkward etc to be then told yes it’s here or do this instead, just ask or find first or try it blenders way without harking back to Maya max Houdini zbrush or whatever you are used to, the blender community is always willing to help and even its gurus are still learning things about 2.80.