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we store it as alembic, which can easily store the visibility flag of an object. However, Blender doesn’t support this yet,

Are you saying that Blender’s alembic implementation is missing a specific feature regarding visibility flags or is it your belief that Blender doesn’t support Alembic at all.

I don’t use it but so far as I know Alembic support has been in Blender for 3 years now.

I’m certain the big factor that currently prevents Blender from being an industry standard is it’s inability to handle complex models and large scenes.  As an example, multi-res sculpting which is the most efficient sculpting in Blender can’t handle even 1/4th of the geometry that zBrush can easily process for single objects.  This problem affects every aspect of Blender because optimization was always treated as unimportant.   Devs at BF just want to keep adding features while ignoring performance.

If optimization is not made *the* issue by a majority of users then it will continue to be ignored.

It astounds me that so many people think making Blender look pretty will cause it to dominate the 3D industry.  Putting a Porsche body on some old economy car is not going to cause that car to win races.

Movie houses aren’t going to train and pay a team of programmers to spend 6 months calibrating and hacking Blender’s code just to get a scene working properly.  That only works for short Blender Foundation clips.

There’s a chart floating around on CGTrader that shows the most commonly downloaded file formats.  The 3DS Max native format was the highest at about 30% and .blend format was 1%.  That’s also about how often Blender is listed as an asset for game companies looking for artists, about 1 in 30 recruiters say that Blender users can apply.  Try and find a movie company that lists Blender as an asset.  They all accept Autodesk and zBrush users.  Eevee and a new UI will not change that.  Only high performance tools can do that.  Tools that are at least 4x more efficient that what we currently have in Blender.

We cannot make reasonable progress when it takes 15 minutes for a cluster of rocks with 10 million vertices to decimate on an 8 core CPU that rarely goes above 18% while the GPU sits completely idle.  Multi-core processing, CUDA and OpenCL are being used for rendering and ignored for everything else.