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-Hello! I do agree with some things said here mainly the uvs, don’t get me wrong, the Uv tools that blender already have are awesome but I fell like some are missing, Although UV master (the included Plug-in that you just have to activate) has a lot of this tools enabled. The only one I can not find is one to grab texel density from one Mesh, face or object and set it to other meshes, faces or objects. Another Uv thing that I would like is a non adapting grid since sometimes I have to work with non-square textures and when zoomed in I have to guess which of all of the grid lines is actually the center one. Also UDIMS hahaha


-Retolopgy is a big issue but since i have been using 3d coat for that I don’t feel it mush although It would be nice to nat have to switch programs for every songle step hahaha.


-Simple deform doesn’t require an empty, it is based on the pivot of the object, the empty (or any other mesh) provides more felxibility to replace the pivot and even make it so you can animate things.

Compared to maya, yes, it is an extra step to create the empty so you can move and edit more thouroughly how the deofrmation is happening, but it allows for much more felxibility. Just like the lattice modifier; when you create a lattice in maya from a selection, the program places the lattice in the right spot and with the right size compared to blender that you have to create a lattice, place it in the right spot with the right size, create the lattice modifier in the mesh and finally link the lattice to the modifier. Much more steps, but the good thing is that you can move, scale and tell which vertices that lattice can affect, even after tha lattice was modified. So i’ll trade that flexibility over convenience every time. (just like creating tileable textures in Substance designer vs Zbrush)


-I just learned this yesterday, but you can deactivate the Isolate select moving the camera here: “on the keymap search for local view (or search by key-binding for “/”) and uncheck the option frame selected” (this is from the blender discord comunity btw)aaaaa

It is so good to finally keep the camera in place when isolating!


-Agree with moving the origin point with less clicks, after months of using blender the sequence to move the origin point is now in my muscle memory, but it still feels unecesary.


-For the shortcuts for isolate and framing, I do also not like the fact that the shortcut keys are “.” and “/” in the num pad but since I haven’t worked with a mouse with just 3 buttons in yeeeaaaars (left,  middle and right click), I just mapped those to the extra buttons of the mouse, just like I used to have in maya. And this never gave me problems since it’s really rare to go to a place that deals with 3d (studios or schools) and they don’t have a modern mouse with extra buttons.

Maybe you could argue that if you have to work at a friends computer or any computer but your own, you’ll have to set-up before starting to work, bur lets be honest, No computer is like your own computer so there is always a little bit of set up.


Hopes the isolate thing helps