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Nate Ayling

First Meshes in the Scene

So this evening I have modelled my first palm trees in Speedtree, I have used the default palm material and frond material which are pretty poor, but as a good placeholder for getting the forms of the tree they have worked well. Fixing the materials is going to be Sundays problem. Already dropping the pines in the scene is getting more tropical. I have also begun the landscape material. I have been having some issues with the tiling of the texture, but I am hoping once I start getting meshes onto the beach and some more variety in, it will break this up. Below is a screen grab of the scene so far and also the palm trees.



My next steps as touched on above will be:

– Create a better bark texture for the palms and a better frond texture

– Texture another shorter palm tree to add some more variance

– Begin modelling Larger forest tress and getting these in the scene.

Wit the larger trees in the scene, I can create the secondary and ground level foliage to fit in with the scene and not choke it out and make it too busy for the viewers eye. The foliage is going to be the biggest challenge in this scene so the man made elements will be of a secondary concern in the short term. As always love to get some feedback, especially from any Speedtree gurus out there as it’s all still quite new for me!