Maria Raducanu

I did a bit of research and decided that the weapon I’m modeling will specifically be a Flintlock Pistol from the late 17th century, in an ornate style – either Silesian, Austrian, Turkish, French or Punjabi (it’s quite a wide selection, but I am still making a decision. The blockout is similar either way, the surface ornament really defines the origin). Since I imagine pirates robbing ships from all over the world, it could be a weapon pillaged from a rich baron or sultan, or a well-known merchant.

I took references from The Met, because they are public domain, huge resolution, different angles and details, and have descriptions (it’s one of my favorite resources). I also have a book on firearms that has good images and descriptions, as well as the history of these weapons! Of course, I checked Artstation for good presentations and other artists’ interpretations. At this point I usually check Pinterest too, but I have enough images to start.