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Nate Ayling

More Meshes and Waves

So i have continued to add some more foliage, this time I have focused more on the ground level foliage such as ferns and other small shrubs to populate some more of the scene with. I have included them below. Most of them have been manipulated photos that I have found online or scanned myself using a home scanner. Something else I have added which can be seen in the GIF below is moving waves. I am still trying to finesse the fade in and out, but I feel it adds some nice movement into the scene.

I used a series of Panner nodes in UE4 and also a sine for opactiy so that the waves would periodically phase in and out. To draw them along the coast line I created a custom Spline Blueprint to allow me to draw them in across several layers of the ocean to achieve the feeling of overlapping waves. My current progres ont he scene and some close ups of the foliage are below:



Next steps for me are grass, some reworking of some of the foliage meshes and then its on to getting the cabin modelled and textures. I will want to keep it as modular as possible to allow me to add in more cabins if I get the chance.

Always happy for feedback and crits!