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Looks really cool., But like you say here: (For quite some time I had this “concept” on my drive but I wasn’t able to polish and finish it, but thanks to the challenge I finally made it as intended.)

I went on my way to find the early concept, and I managed to find your artstation with your “early concept” in it and my problem here is that your “Early Concept” Looks identical like your final concept and you already upload this work 1 month ago and if a remember correctly the rules say that [The entry must be made specifically for the FlippedNormals Art Challenge.] and the contest began a week ago and your “early concept” have one month…

My question here is you have this issue in your mind or it was a missleap of words?. Because this was not made specifically for the contest to at all.

Here is the comparison:

Number 1(Artstation):

Number 2(Contest):


I kindly invite you to review your entry and make the necessary changes to make it a unique piece for the contest. thank you and have a nice day.