Sorry for the Hiatus, I broke my foot and that took me out for a little bit.

returning to the pirate I decided that even with the jacket I didn’t feel there was much going on with him, felt a little too NPC-y to me, and so I’ve started to try and spice it up, get some high seas fantasy going. one thing I’ve always liked about fantasy armor is the fur mantles and ruffs, and so I wanted to incorporate that design with a nautical bent, namely a shark jaw (teeth pending) and a whale bone bracer, just for fun. ropes and whatnot for attachment issues (why doesn’t my mother love me) and I’m starting to ideate on charms and trinkets. got some rings, gonna have some other trinkets once I finish researching what craziness they thought was going to save them. his boat hook and Axe are in blockout phase, mostly I just need to make them in maya and move them over because screw doing that with Z modeler.