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Nate Ayling

A Boat Load of New Props

So I have worked a bit more over the weekend on the project, I am getting ready to take a final pass now to iron out the kinks (mainly the sand) and add any little details to the scene to just help bring it further to life. The main assets I have modelled since my last update are: a fire pit, a row boat, branches and sticks to scatter on the beach. The updated scene can be scene below alongside an updated asset zoo.






The final assets I want to add to the scene before I go into full tweak mode are:

– Oars

– Rum bottles and other living junk to scatter around

– A 4th and 5th variety of cargo to avoid over use of the current assets.

– Fish on a line

I will be submitting this project early (this coming Sunday) unfortunately after this point I will be away until the 8th so I am going to miss 5 days for the project hand in, but at this rate, I am confident I will get things finished and portfolio ready by then. Thanks to Bryneth Paltrow for the feedback and some tasty fishy inspiration. Loving how some the other projects are coming along and look forward to seeing them finished!