Maria Raducanu

Thank you Henning! 😊

I started collecting more references for the mask. Here’s a super awesome short video!

This is the beginning of my moodboard. I wanted to collect: actual Barong Ket masks, other wooden masks, how paint ages on wood, carved wood textures, and beautiful renders of different masks from Artstation. Some are from my Pinterest board, some are googled, and you can find some of them here if you want to like or add to your collection: I usually add stuff to my moodboards once I begin working and stumble upon something that needs more information.


Next step: Concept art! Unlike the flintlock pistol, which had one perfect photograph reference, I didn’t findΒ the oneΒ pic for the Barong mask. So I decided to combine elements and draw my own version! Thankfully it’s an artistic item, it doesn’t have functional parts quite like a gun does (even though it does have a simple mechanism for opening and closing, which I might omit), so I won’t minimize believability by giving it my own flair.