I wanted to backtrack and share some reference I gathered for inspiration, color, light and mood.

When approaching this project, I wanted to make sure to come at this in a way that I can also learn a few new things. I chose this concept because it gives me a chance to work with elements that I have yet to explore, like using image planes for smoke and flames, as well as emission effects on things like the hand in the jar.

My main end goal in this is to have  a piece that I can showcase in Marmoset toolbag that gives off this spooky but cute vibe overall.

So far a main resource for research and approaching this has been Ibrahim Abdo’s End of Solitude article on 80 level (Here -> https://80.lv/articles/001agt-002mrs-004adk-diorama-breakdown-embodying-solitude-hope/ ) .

Below are some parts of (but not all) of the reference images I have gathers for style and lighting.


RefrenceBoard02Since I haven’t used transparent image plains for renders before, I gathered some inspiration and reference for this specifically. I will be using this for the spiders webs, smoke, and planes of the candles.


These are a few images I’m using as reference for the overall mood for lighting and rendering for this project. I’d like to incorporate the lighting from the flames of the candles, and glow from the hand in the jar as well as the eyes of the totem head, without them being the mail light source.


That’s all I have to share for now! Stay tuned and thank you for reading!