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  • Ian

    Hi! First post here.

    My name is Ian, and I am a 3D artist based in Singapore currently in my final year of Animation School (oh no, schools) . Currently pushing to create a portfolio so I would love any feedback that I can get. This piece was done to improve aspects of my anatomy, detailing as well as pick up Marvelous Designer. Thanks!

    More rendered images here:

    p.s. Henning and Morten if you are reading this awesome work you guys are doing, love the free and premium content. Keep it up!


    Morten Jaeger
    Wizard @ FlippedNormals

    Awesome work, really well done!

    Obviously a big part of this piece is the fabrics, so I’ll give you some feedback there
    The pants kind of feel like heavy canvas pants, and therefore they don’t have as many natural folds as what you would see in denim. Maybe that’s just personal preference. They feel a little straight because of it and not a lot of breakup.

    Maybe they could benefit from being a little bigger to give you some more folds?

    A similar pose with jeans



    The jacket on the other hand feels very natural, nice folds and good weight to it.
    I sometimes use pins to cheat the folds I want 😀

    I think it’s a shame that you have such a high detail level in the cap of all things, but the jacket is still very clean, no fabric detail

    And for a guy his age, I do kind of feel the pose is a little out of place. Very feminine and more youthful, that could just be me though 😀


    But overall, really solid work! Some tweaks that could be done to elevate it, but really nice 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what else you create!


    Thanks so much! I wasn’t expecting such a detailed response haha. I agree with everything mentioned here, especially about the pose being too feminine. Really, thank you Morten! 😀

    Wizard @ FlippedNormals

    Hi Ian! Welcome to our community 😀 It’s really nice having you here. Morten has already done an awesome job with the feedback, so I just wanted to say that your piece looks great and welcome.

    Morten Jaeger
    Wizard @ FlippedNormals

    My pleasure haha 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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