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    Bit late to the Forum, but ive been active with sharing my progress on the Discord 😀 . Anyways with this project, I plan on recreating Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, using Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Mari and Arnold. Ive really enjoyed working on it so far and its taught me a lot especially when working with time constraints.

    Here are some of my References using Pureref



    First, i began working on the likeness sculpt and creating some of the hair and props on his head


    Refined the dreadlocks and began to add ornaments to the hair, I really enjoyed this as the dreadlocks are basically the product of beating up a long cylinder with clay buildup, dam standard and standard brushes for an hour or two. My hands were hurting a bit after finishing ;D



    Next I Began to model the clothes. Looking back I really should have used Marvelous Designer XD , I made a base in Maya and then did all the details in Zbrush. Using a variety of tools such as noise maker








    Adding fake eyeliner and facial hair via polypaint really helped with the likeness to Captain Jack Sparrow


    Next up was to detail the skin using some scans I had purchased off Texturingxyz a while back. Some pores where done by hand to make it more specific to Jack Sparrow’s skin



    Next up was to work on the skin and setup the shaders (:

    This took a bit of trial and error, I used Mari to texture the head but used Substance painter as a supplement to create a curvature which was more detailed than the cavity export from zbrush allowing for a higher range of information which could be places into the specular and roughness maps. The colour was the hardest to get right.

    Im using Arnold for rendering as it has great execution in rendering skin, as long as the shading network was good. So 50/50 was spent in Mari and the Hypershader in Maya to get the right sort of look. Skin has been a struggling area of mine for some time and so with this project and working against the clock I’ve been able to streamline my workflow and be more precise with how I did things

    I added some facial hair in Photoshop for likeness Darkened the area around the eyes using an adjustment layer and tinted the white area lights to a more yellow colour.

    The facial hair will be done next using Xgen in Maya (:


    The Xgen took a lot of work and due to the time constraints I had to make a few short cuts which I wouldn’t do in a usual project.

    I made a series of guides which drove the Xgen, I used this instead of interactive groom as I feel more in control with the final result. I used this to render all the hair from the head hair to the facial hair.

    Thanks to a lot of support from Fareed (nivle) on the the FN discord I was able to get the hair done, but I still have a lot to learn with Xgen which I’m hoping I can invest more time into in another project in working on along side this 🙂



    Next up is texturing everything. Thanks so much for everyone’s support so far, especially on discord. It’s helped me tremendously



    Morten Jaeger
    Wizard @ FlippedNormals

    Nice to see you in on this Mega! Goo progress so far!


    Aww thanks Morten, Hopefully ill get it done in time ;D Really enjoying the challenge so far


    Final WIP, so the entire bust is finally textured which i did using Substance painter (: . Next up is rendering and some post photoshop eye candy adjustments.


    all the messy white meshes are scalps for Xgen (looking back this was a mistake so in future im going to do a different workflow with xgen to ensure a cleaner execution) I only continued this process to get the project done within the time frame XD



    https://www.artstation.com/danielevans2001 more images can be found on my Art Station 😀

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