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    This is Gourdon Graves, a cop on the edge with nothing to lose searching for his dead wife’s killer on a mystery that goes all the way to the top. He is also a deer and a ghost possessing a pumpkin and the pumpkin is also a cop on the edge with nothing to lose. Be on the lookout for my 1,200 page novella for more of his backstory. Please stop asking me for the movie rights, I already traded it to my cousin for some skittles.


    But really here’s an outline of some things I’m going for in the sculpt.


    I want to have some kind of noise or detailing in the body of the deer to draw attention back up to the head, and to break it up some. I’m gonna try some more stylized hand painted textures in Substance  to get some detailing pointing to the head. Also because my last project just had Smart materials slapped on for the sake of time, and I want to do something I’m not comfortable with.

    If you have any thoughts or feedback about the concept please let me know. The lighting setup and the pose in the test render are not going to be permanent, they have already brought shame upon my family, but if you have feedback on that too let me know.

    Thanks for reading , buy gold.



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