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  • fay.hallow


    This is my first challenge ever.

    I’m a full-time student from Germany and work part-time in a small VFX Studio, mainly doing adverts.



    I plan on doing a spin on the the concept of a ship in a bottle.

    Some Pirate Captain keeps the whole island where he buried his treasure in a bottle in his cabin, making sure, he always has access to it, wherever his travels might lead. Or to keep it from being stolen but then again, it being easy to transport makes a geat target for thieves.

    I’ll be working with Maya, zBrush, TreeIt and the Substance Suite. Rendering is planed in Redshift so far, might still change that and go with UE4 instead though.



    I did a super rough blockout of the environment and the prop as well as started on modeling some assets.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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