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  • aredan

    Sorry i didnt post earlier but i was not sure i would be able to finish what i wanted to do, not even sure its still valid but i will post anyway. I just started studying 3D 3 months ago and i wanted to try this challenge to see what i can do and to learn new things, so i tried to make a mini light setup using a candle and a hat from  the pirate king luffy. Hope you like it and if any of you have any idea or suggestion on how to improve or do things faster/better i would very much like to know.


    First i started modeling the hat and a table in maya in low poly

    2I don`t use zbrush a lot so i wanted to try something to add more detail, and i used a alpha i took from Pixologic’s Alpha Library as a surface and baked it as a normal map in substance painter. I think i could do it some other way, it took like forever to save this file.

    <img src=”; alt=”3″ />Done the same for the strap even if i knew it would not be possible to see

    <img src=”; alt=”5″ />Modeled this candle in maya and textured in substance.

    <img src=”; alt=”6″ />So this is how the texture was in substance, i think it looks a lot better them it looked on maya, not sure if i`m doing something wrong.


    Doing the lights and some fluid for the candle fire.


    Final render.

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