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  • Antonin Bauville

    Hi everyone !

    I’m 20 years old and I’m a French student in Game Art. My goal it’s to be environment artist in the video game industry so I decide to make an environment for this art challenge. When I saw the theme I was not so inspired but after one long night of reflexion and several showers (very helpfull ahaha) I’ve got the idea to make one street of an old dirty pirate town.

    First, to make this environment, like every other environments, I make a little bank of references images found on Pinterest and I put everything on PureRef like this :References

    After, when I feel I have enough references, I start a Blockout. For this type of environment, I made some modular pieces like just one wall, one wall with windows etc. in an mid age style. Don’t forget that it’s just a Blockout so I don’t go far on the details. This took me like 3 hours on Maya to get all my lego pieces like this : Capture d’écran (88)

    Then I decide to make the final scene in Unity with HDRP. For this I make several prefabs to make differents type of facades and then play in positioning them to make an scary/clostro ambiance of an dirty pirate town. For Now it looks like this with some lights and fog pre-adjustements :Capture d’écran (89)

    Then with no lights :

    Capture d’écran (90)

    Thats all for me today, I’m going to make some more variations and props to fill the space and make some story telling them I will work on my favorite moment, the final modeling of everything, sculpting some details and also texturing.

    I will keep you informed about the next advancements !

    Antonin Bauville

    New Day, new update !

    Today I’ve worked on the props, I’ve also made some changes on my blockout, i’ve added one little market place and one ruin also one underground stair but it’s not finished at all. I’ve also worked on the lighting, to have an idea of the ambiance that I want to put on the scene but it’s just a starting point because when I’m going to texture everything, the scene will be darker than now and I will have to reajust my lights but for now it’s ok for me, maybe sometime a little bit too dark but don’t forget that it’s just the beginning.

    This is my work in progress :

    Capture d’écran (92)Capture d’écran (93)

    Note : The lanterns are a little too big, I’ve reajusted this later

    Capture d’écran (97)Capture d’écran (96)

    Capture d’écran (98)

    Next I will add some props and some wood planks on the ground because it will be very muddy and after I will begin the final modelisations and the textures.

    I hope you liked the advancement,

    See you tomorow or later in 1 week, I’ll take one week of holidays .


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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