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  • SpengRob

    Hey guys so I wanted to stray away from the traditional sense of a pirate for this challenge while maintaining some resemblance of a sea pirate.

    My goal is to go for a short and pudgy stylized character, who is a software pirate.

    I’m planning on giving him a hi-tech eyepatch, kinda like ed’s googles from cowboy bebop, where cords will lead to a small keypad strapped to his wrist and an old IBM computer he wears like a messenger bag on his back.

    He’s also gonna have a bitcoin belt buckle, a bobble head parrot (because he’s way too busy to take care of a real parrot). Along with a fashionable fedora, cargo shorts, sandals, and a linkin park shirt. (RIP chester)

    I’m probably trying to do way too much over the span of a month but I like the idea so much I’m gonna go for it anyway. I’m gonna try and keep everything super simple to speed things up. We’ll see how this goes.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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