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  • dyspagon

    Hello everyone !
    Today, i’ll start to do a ship toy !

    My workflow :

    – Idea / Pitch and Reference

    – Composition / Blocky

    – Production

    – Light and Compositing on Eevee or Marmoset ToolBag !


    Preview AiToon test shader

    Annotation 2019-09-05 163042




    PirateShipToy_WIP1.2Today I did the blocky / main shape of the ship, and i’ll continue to add some “details”
    After that, go on Zbrush to do the high Poly mesh.




    Second WIP !
    I like the idea to merge turtle and ship xD

    As you can see, I’m working with different parts :
    Part 01 : the bottom
    Part 02 : the little house of the ship (sry I don’t have the pirate vocabulary haha)
    Part 03: balloon !

    I think the bottom is complete, and I will polish with some little details like screws for the wood planks
    And now, I’m going to attack the Part 02 ! 🙂

    Btw, as I said before the render will be with Marmoset or EEVEE, but now, I think I will render with Arnold and AiToon shader.
    My polycount isn’t game ready at all ! xD


    Hello !  One little update about my ship !

    I’m on the good way, maybe a bit late but it’s Ok !

    I give you some close up on the shape,

    as you can see, i work only with shape, and nothing more, because i will don’t need texture, i only use Ai Toon shader (material work on Arnold Renderer).


    To do my planks, i use polyRetopo; Mel command on the ground or wall from the boat, and i extract face, easy to do 🙂Annotation 2019-09-05 233703


    Final Submission !


    Some little details :


    Final render on Arnold Renderer

    AiToon Shader

    Render time : 20 min – 30 min

    Lots of love

    Polycount : 3.7 million Tris (not game ready yet 🙃)  All mesh was smooth


    To do my balloon 🎈, I used nCloth system, with pressure and no gravity 😊, was funny because I didn’t try before !
    the rope was nCloth Passif Collider

    I used a lot bend, lattice and other nonlinear deformation

    To choose my color, I exported my white render, and color on Procreate, after that, re-exported and copie the colors 👍



    I will publish on ArtStation soon 🙂 with close-up, other render etc etc !

    ~ Thanks all 👋👋✨

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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